Who is eligible for Latvian dual citizenship?

Recent amendments to the Citizenship law of Latvia introduced two main categories of applicants entitled to be admitted to Latvian citizenship without having to renounce their nationality, i.e. "Latvian exiles" and "Latvians & Livs". However, Latvian dual citizenship may occur in certain other cases where, for example, one is admitted to Latvian citizenship through naturalisation.


Latvian exiles

A citizen of any country, if he or she (or at least one of his or her ancestors) was Latvian citizen on 17 June 1940, but left Latvia from 17 June 1940 to 4 May 1990 escaping from U.S.S.R. or German occupation regime, and due to the referred to reasons has not returned to Latvia for permanent residence.


Latvians & Livs

A citizen of any country, if he or she has certified: a) his or her belonging to the Latvian nationals (applicant is Latvian or Liv); b) his or her fluency in Latvian language; c) and that in 1881 or later his or her ancestor had been permanently living in the territory of Latvia as it existed until 17 June 1940.



Persons, who are admitted to Latvian citizenship through naturalisation, if they are citizens of another Member State of the European Union, Member State of the European Free Trade Association, Member State of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, the Commonwealth of Australia, the Federative Republic of Brazil, New Zealand or citizens of such country with which the Republic of Latvia has entered into an agreement regarding recognition of dual citizenship.

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