Assistance with obtaining Latvian dual citizenship

Recent amendments to the Citizenship Law enable eligible persons to register Latvian dual citizenship under the category of "Latvian exiles", "Latvians & Livs" as well as in certain other cases referred below. 

Our team of lawyers will: advise you on the rights to be admitted to Latvian dual citizenship, help you find and retrieve missing documents, prepare required forms and applications, represent you during application process, etc.

Who is eligible for Latvian dual citizenship?

  1. A citizen of any country, if he or she (or at least one of his or her ancestors) was Latvian citizen on 17 June 1940, but left Latvia from 17 June 1940 to 4 May 1990 escaping from U.S.S.R. or German occupation regime, and due to the referred to reasons has not returned to Latvia for permanent residence.
  2. Persons, who are admitted to Latvian citizenship through naturalisation, if they are citizens of another Member State of the European Union, Member State of the European Free Trade Association, Member State of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, the Commonwealth of Australia, the Federative Republic of Brazil, New Zealand or citizens of such country with which the Republic of Latvia has entered into an agreement regarding recognition of dual citizenship.
  3. A citizen of any country, if he or she has certified: a) his or her belonging to the Latvian nationals (applicant is Latvian or Liv); b) his or her fluency in Latvian language; c) and that in 1881 or later his or her ancestor had been permanently living in the territory of Latvia as it existed until 17 June 1940.

How we can help?

We will render full scope of legal services required to register Latvian citizenship for you and your children, and namely, we will:

  • Consider your situation, review and examine the documents and advise you on all issues, if you're not certain whether you and/or your children qualify for Latvian dual citizenship;
  • Search for and retrieve on your behalf all documents confirming your eligibility for Latvian dual citizenship (archive copies, certifications, etc.), if said documents were lost or missing for other reasons;
  • Assist you with application process: we will help you prepare all forms, applications, certifications and other required documents before applying for Latvian citizenship (including document legalisation, Apostille);
  • Accompany and represent you in all state institutions of Latvia, at all meetings with all authorities and during the process of applying for Latvian citizenship;
  • Be your representatives in Latvia controlling the process of dual citizenship registration, if you reside abroad;
  • Appeal the decision of the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs, if you are refused Latvian citizenship;
  • Render full scope of services required for successful registration of Latvian citizenship for you and your children. 

Fees and costs

Fees: We will charge a fixed fee in matters related to Latvian citizenship registration. The amount of the fee will depend on the scope and amount of the work to be performed, number of family members wishing to apply for citizenship and other peculiarities of each individual case.

Therefore, in order to evaluate our fees we will normally perform the initial assessment of your situation, which is done free of charge. Please feel free to apply for initial consultation and inquire about our fees through email or using the form below.

Costs: Other costs related to registration of Latvian citizenship are fees charged by Latvian institutions for issue of archive statements or copies of documents, notary fees, translation costs, document legalisation, postal expenses, etc. Said expenses will vary depending on the individual circumstances of your case, but usually don't exceed reasonable limits.

There's no stamp duty charged by Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs for the processing of the Latvian citizenship application.

How long is the procedure?

  • Retrieving of necessary documents at archives and other institutions, preparation of the required set of documents before applying - normally takes 1-2 months
  • Consideration of the application by Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs - statutory term is 4-12 months (depends on the category under which the person applies), however, a decision by OCMA is usually taken much faster.

Previous experience shows that in less complicated cases whole procedure may take up to 2-2,5 months, but will mainly depend on the workload of the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs.

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