Fees and costs related to obtaining Latvian dual citizenship

Fees: We will charge a fixed fee in matters related to Latvian citizenship registration. The amount of the fee will depend on the scope and amount of the work to be performed, number of family members wishing to apply for citizenship and other peculiarities of each individual case.

Therefore, in order to evaluate our fees we will normally perform the initial assessment of your situation, which is done free of charge. Please feel free to apply for initial consultation and inquire about our fees through email info@akit.eu or using the form below.

Costs: Other costs related to registration of Latvian citizenship are fees charged by Latvian institutions for issue of archive statements or copies of documents, notary fees, translation costs, document legalisation, postal expenses, etc. Said expenses will vary depending on the individual circumstances of your case, but usually don't exceed reasonable limits.

There's no stamp duty charged by Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs for the processing of the Latvian citizenship application.

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