How we can help?

We will render full scope of legal services required to register Latvian citizenship for you and your children, and namely, we will:

  • Consider your situation, review and examine the documents and advise you on all issues, if you're not certain whether you and/or your children qualify for Latvian dual citizenship;
  • Search for and retrieve on your behalf all documents confirming your eligibility for Latvian dual citizenship (archive copies, certifications, etc.), if said documents were lost or missing for other reasons;
  • Assist you with application process: we will help you prepare all forms, applications, certifications and other required documents before applying for Latvian citizenship (including document legalisation, Apostille);
  • Accompany and represent you in all state institutions of Latvia, at all meetings with all authorities and during the process of applying for Latvian citizenship;
  • Be your representatives in Latvia controlling the process of dual citizenship registration, if you reside abroad;
  • Appeal the decision of the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs, if you are refused Latvian citizenship;
  • Render full scope of services required for successful registration of Latvian citizenship for you and your children. 

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